A New Day

You are an important part of our community. Dubois County is making economic progress in many ways. We are asking you to be an investor in the county’s economic growth in. With your help we can build upon the positive economic momentum happening within and around Dubois County.

Our mission at Dubois Strong is simple:

  • Facilitate the Mid-State Corridor Project
  • Grow the workforce population
  • Attract complementary businesses
  • Support new startups

We are privileged to be your representative for the ongoing economic strength in Dubois County. Should you have any questions about Dubois Strong or the attached information, please contact our staff at success@duboisstrong.com or call 812-482-9650.

Thank you for your consideration of support.


Ed Cole, President
Dubois Strong

Chris Tretter, Chair
Dubois Strong Board of Directors


Goal #1 – Workforce Growth

Objective: To grow the workforce population by 650 for the county by end of 2017.

  • Promote development of workforce level housing
    • Neighborhood Assistance Program achieved $4,643 in tax credits to aid in housing financial assistance
    • Facilitate Northeast Dubois Housing Committee meetings
    • 70 new housing units completed since June 2015 and over 686 new housing units in progress or planning stages
  • Collaborate with Purdue TAP & VUJC to offer 8 workforce training opportunities
  • Wage and benefit survey completed by collaborating with 13 county manufacturing employers


Goal #2 – Business Growth

Objective: To attract to Dubois County 2-3 complementary businesses per year.

  • Website enhancement with easily assessable site selector data
    • 2016 had 4,807 site views including 28.5% new visitors
  • Site selector focused printed brochures
  • Support for Mid-State Corridor with ongoing facilitation of sub-committee
  • Partner with Purdue Extension and held agriculture economic summit
  • 5 project leads from marketing Site Certified properties in Ferdinand, Huntingburg and Jasper


Goal #3 – Entrepreneurial Growth

Objective: To support/assist 8-10 new startups or expansions.

  • Start-up assistance for 12 different entrepreneurs
  • Enterprise Loan Fund (ELF) program had 24 inquires in 2016 and has 8 open borrowers, 2 new for 2016

Investor Levels + Benefits

Investment Level $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Investor’s logo and link to company website on duboisstrong.com
Complimentary seat(s) at Annual Meeting 1 2 4 6 8 10 12
Industrial property listings on duboisstrong.com
Featured news articles posted on duboisstrong.com
Complimentary job postings on social media and website
Ad section in newsletter
Special Recognition at Annual Meeting
Advisory seat on Board of Directors
Voting seat on Board of Directors

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