$163,600 grant supports Holland sidewalk plans

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

The Town of Holland will get $163,600 through the Small Communities Sidewalk Program.

The Indiana Department of Transportation announced the grants that, when combined with local funds, will see almost $135 million invested in infrastructure in the communities receiving the funds.

The money will support plans to add sidewalks along State Road 161 near the HUMmingbird Day Care and from the Holland Elementary School south to Holland Commons and Holland Post Office

For the first time, INDOT set aside a portion of the funds awarded, approximately $5 million, for sidewalk improvements in rural communities. The new sidewalk program for smaller communities is part of INDOT’s “Common Paths” initiative.

Also, INDOT plans to invest $2.5 million each year improving crosswalks and other sidewalk infrastructure along state highways in both rural and urban communities.

INDOT dedicates approximately 25 percent of its federal highway funds to supporting local projects each year.