Birdseye Dairy Barn recognized as ‘Best of Indiana’

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

Electric Consumer, the monthly publication of Indiana’s electric cooperatives, is recognizing businesses and attractions throughout the state its “Best of Indiana” contest. The magazine’s sixth readers’ choice contest in 15 years allowed readers to vote in eight categories.

Contest categories included Indiana’s best burger, campground, winery and ice cream. In the latter category, Dubois County’s Dairy Barn was recognized as having the best ice cream in Indiana.

Located in Birdseye, the Dairy Barn brings in customers from all over the state. Known for its towering soft serve ice cream cones, locals testify that the long lines are always worth the wait at Birdseye Dairy Barn.

“We’re always happy when local businesses in our territory are recognized like this and we are excited to show our support for the Birdseye Dairy Barn,” said Don Book, general manager of Dubois REC.

Book also noted that the Birdseye Dairy Barn went beyond and above in the customer service department one year when Dubois REC had crews in the area to restore outages.  “The Dairy Barn was in the process of closing for the evening, but when our guys showed up tired and hungry, they re-opened to fix them a hot meal.  We really appreciated what they did for our linemen,” said Book.

The purpose of the “Best of Indiana” awards is to highlight the unique businesses, places, culture and countryside that make residents proud to call Indiana “home.” A complete list of winners can be found the September issue of Electric Consumer or by visiting