Current Blend expands programming with $10,000 grant

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

Our world keeps changing and growing. We experience the changes in our own lives and we know from experts that the change will continue. Changes in how we live and work are happening all around. Today, coding is a basic skill needed for the new systems, and Current Blend seeks to help train students for the coming age.

In 2017, Current Blend, Dubois County’s premier co-working space, launched “Blended Coders.”  This program is designed for middle school female students to learn the basics of coding through a curriculum delivered by trained volunteers.  After a year of piloting the program, the Blended Coders committee is expanding the program.

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Dubois County Community Foundation and the Regional Opportunities Initiative, Blended Coders 2.0 will begin in Spring 2018. This program expands on the coding curriculum to include robotics.

“Current Blend’s mission is to strengthen the community by sparking new ideas and providing access to resources to develop business,” said Brenda Stallings, Current Blend board president.  “The Blended Coders program is a clear way to work toward this mission for the next generation of our workforce.”

The grant enables Current Blend to attain Lego Mindstorm and Little Bit robotics kits for use in the course.  Additionally, dollars are allocated for proper storage and volunteer training to help make the program sustainable for three to five years until technology must be upgraded.

The initial class of Blended Coders 2.0 will be students from Southridge Middle School, as that is with whom the first program was partnered. By the 2018-2019 school year, there are plans being made for girls from the additional school districts in Dubois County who would come together to participate in the 2.0 curriculum.