Dance by Mallory culmination of dancer’s passion and love for her community

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

Former Colts cheerleader and Jasper native Mallory Humbert opened a dance studio in the Jasper Arts Center last week.

With her background in dance and cheer that began when she was three years old, Mallory decided it was time to take the step from private instruction to building her business and brand in her hometown. Dance by Mallory officially opened on September 6.

Mallory has always wanted to open her own studio. “I have been giving private lessons and small group lessons over the last several years,” she explained. “I just decided this summer to go ahead and try this for real.”

She offered some test classes over the summer and got a great response. “That really showed me there is a market there for people wanting to do this type of dance style,” Mallory said.

For now, classes are focused on children as young as five years old and teens with instruction in the styles experienced in competitive high school or middle school cheer and dance. Students can take three different style classes, hip hop, pom and jazz. “These are my three favorite styles of dance,” she explained. “It’s what I have the most experience in and the most passion for.”

Since opening, she’s received some great feedback from students and parents and classes have been filling up. “I had parents stay late yesterday (Wednesday) and say they were so happy this opportunity was now available,” Mallory said.

The years of instruction and her experience as an NFL cheerleader are apparent in Mallory’s professionalism. Her goal is to see her students step up in their skill level and confidence. She is in tune with her students’ needs as they work through different routines.

When class is in session, you can see the students are intent on learning from her and she keeps them moving with her gentle but commanding demeanor.  “I want them to know I am a friend, but at the same time I am their dance teacher,” she said. “They are there to learn dance and enjoy dance.”

Her focus is to prepare her students for middle school and high school dance and cheer but she also wants to fuel her students’ passion for dance.

“It’s been awesome seeing these students explore dance and come out of their shells,” Mallory commented about the confidence building aspect of dance.

Opening a business in Jasper was a natural move for the 23-year-old. Her hometown has always been very supportive of her efforts—whether she was selected for Miss Strassenfest or trying out for the Colts—and with her community involvement beginning at a young age, her love for the area has just grown over the years. “Just staying involved with the youth in this community has always been a passion and it’s just continuing,” Mallory said.

After graduating from Jasper High School in 2012, Mallory attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business where she completed her bachelor’s degree majoring in marketing and minoring in apparel merchandising. Her repertoire of dance styles includes tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop and while attending IU, she took several advanced classes to expand her expertise.

Then, in 2016, Mallory made the cut to join the Colts Cheerleaders. There she learned what she calls the NFL-style of dancing.

All of this experience comes to bear in her business and her continued efforts to impact her community in a positive way as a dance instructor. In the future, she sees classes expanding to adults and her dancers appearing at community events and festivals.

For now, she’s enjoying her time with the youth.

“I just like providing them a place to come and dance to let go of all their stress from school and homework,” she said. “For that hour, they can really enjoy dance and have fun with it.”

Dance by Mallory features classes in the three styles and are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Jasper Arts Center’s dance studio, 951 College Avenue. The classes are sectioned into beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. More information can be found on the business’s Facebook Page.