Fleekseats: New Jasper business sells tickets, supports clean water

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

A group of local investors has launched a website dedicated to selling tickets for concerts, professional and collegiate sporting events and other venues across the United States.

Fleekseats offers tickets to thousands of live events while guaranteeing competitive pricing and 24/7 customer support. The group opened a local office in Jasper in September when they launched their website and social media presence.

Current tickets available on the company’s website included concerts featuring U2 and Pink, comedy by Ron White and theatrical performances like Hamilton and Aladdin.

To differentiate themselves from other ticket providers, the company offers easy and convenient access to tickets while supporting an international nonprofit dedicated to helping people gain access to clean water.

Fleekseats is very excited about their Go for H2O campaign. Over 663 million people are still without access to clean water and access to clean water and sanitation is estimated to save 16,000 lives a week globally. According to the company, those staggering statistics are why Fleekseats started the Go for H2O campaign from day one.

”More and more, consumers are not just interested in purchasing products, but want to purchase with purpose,” said marketing director Mitzi Kiefer. “Our clean water campaign means that our customers’ dollars are doing double duty; not only entertaining the customer but changing lives.”

Fleekseats has partnered with charity:water. Because private donors fund charity:water’s operational expenses, 100 percent of Fleekseats’ contributions go toward providing clean water. This approach maximizes the effects of contributions and provides customers peace of mind knowing their dollars truly do make a difference.

Fleekseats can be reached toll-free at 800-282-8495 or online at their website and on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.