#JasperRocks: Little yellow bits of happiness surprising locals


Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

Without warning these little yellow bits of happiness started showing up around Jasper recently. Who is doing this? We don’t know but maybe that’s best.

Here is what we did learn after inquiring with the Jasper Rocks Facebook Page.

How did this come about?

Everyone you meet is struggling with something. Everyone has a cloud, big or small, in their sky.

We set out to bring a little more sunshine into the lives of the people around us. The inspiration came from many different places. On social media you see posts about people who, at the drive-thru window, pay for the person’s order in the car behind them. We love it when people tell stories about picking up the check for our military men and women in uniform when they see them eating out. It was these random acts, of anonymous, kindness that inspired #JaperRocks.

Why little yellow rocks?

We wanted it to be a gesture so simple, small and inexpensive that anyone anywhere could duplicate it. We observed that in the digital world when you want to express happiness you add a Smiley Face Emoji to your message. JasperRocks is an analog Emoji.

We also felt it should be anonymous. The person receiving it should feel no obligation to thank someone. For the person who finds a Jasper Rock all they have to do is smile. If they choose they can pay it forward by leaving it for someone else to find.

The double entendre is just a bonus. Jasper is a type of rock and “Jasper Rocks” is feeling most of us proudly share.

What is the goal?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “That it is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can help another without helping himself.”

Neuroscience has proven Mr. Emerson correct. For example the person who writes and gives a thank you note actually experiences more happiness than the person receiving it. The rocks, when found, bring a smile and pleasure to the person discovering it. If a rock recipient pays it forward they experience happiness.

Pleasure is fleeting and only lasts as long as the act that causes it. Happiness lasts well after the activity that has ended.

Some rock recipients grasped this right away. Those Jasperites immediately thought about where they could place their rock so it could be re-discovered. By paying it forward they will experience both pleasure and happiness.

What’s next?

It gives us tremendous happiness to put all this into motion. We would challenge everyone to do one small thing, each and every day, to bring a smile to a stranger’s day. If we all take up this challenge it will be one more reason #JasperRocks.