Kimball Office launches Jolt wireless charging surface

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

Kimball Office announced the launch of a new technology collection to provide power solutions for a wirelessly connected world.

Jolt includes a USB charger and a wireless power-charging surface that seamlessly integrates technology vital to connection, collaboration and productivity.

The Jolt USB charger is a sleek, low profile design that can easily be mounted below work surfaces. Intelligent charge circuitry efficiently delivers the maximum amount of power to devices and includes backlit connectors that help locate charge ports in low light environments, indicating that the unit is ready for use.

Jolt wireless power-charging can be positioned underneath any surface (including glass) to charge multiple IOS, Android or Windows devices at a moment’s notice. Jolt also includes wireless receiving keys that receives the signal from the transmitter.

Products currently on the market have been built around magnetic induction charging techniques, which require that a mobile device be in contact with a charging device, such as a charging pad. Jolt resonant charging allows for the charging device to be concealed, enabling multiple devices to be charged from one unit, at longer distances from the transmitter. It is a true “furniture integrated” solution that enhances the user experience.