Housing Progress in Dubois County

A critical area of focus in Dubois Strong’s Strategic Plan is to help local employers attract and retain workforce. We began to facilitate the community conversation about the need for additional workforce level housing in the fall of 2014. The data from our housing study completed in June 2015 documented the need for workforce housing near the employment centers in Jasper, Huntingburg and Ferdinand.

Since these efforts began, approximately 70 new housing units have been constructed and over 686 are in progress or planning stages in each of the larger municipalities of Dubois County. The housing demand represented is based upon the Dubois County Housing Strategy.

  • Median Home Value: $207,000
  • Median Rent: $660
  • Total Housing Units: 18,724
    • Owner Occupied: 14,717
    • Renter Occupied: 4,007
Municipality Projects



MVAH Partners Jasper Lofts Phase I

67 apartments (Completed 2017)

MVAH Partners Jasper Lofts Phase II

40 apartments (Planning stages)

MVAH Partners Vine Street Lofts

62 senior apartments (Completed 2018)

Boxer Girl LLC River Centre

75 apartments (Completed 2020)

Kerstiens Park Place Estates

30 units (Completed 2020), 44 units (2022), 44 units (2023), 30 units (2024)

Kerstiens Autumn Creek III

10 single-family units + 32 condominiums (Completed 2020)

Kerstiens Brookstone Estates VI

56 units (Complete 2020)

Kerstiens Brookstone Estates VII

49 lot subdivision (planning stages)

Kerstiens Evans Brook II

18 units (Completed 2020)

Kerstiens Trinity Crossing

23 units (In progress – 7 available lots, 16 sold lots)

Legacy Living of Indianapolis Legacy Living Jasper

88 senior living units (Completed 2020)

MVAH Partners

30 townhomes (Planning stages)

Kerstiens University Heights

80 units (Planning stages)

Library Square

18 townhomes (Planning stages)

Stewart Hotel

18 short-term rentals (Planning stages)


Municipality Projects



Jagoe Homes Hunter’s Crossing

144 single-family units (In progress – 79 closed, 15 under construction, 2 move-in ready, 9 sites available, 12 new site coming soon)

MVAH Partners Lofts of St. Joseph

45 senior apartments (Completed 2016)

Paragus Group Wagon Works

62 apartments (Completed 2020 – 15 open apartments)

MVAH Partners

56 apartments/townhomes (Planning stages)

Kerstiens Chestnut Gardens

16 room assisted living building (planning stages), 8 independent duplexes (16 units) (2023)

Beehive Homes of Huntingburg

20 senior living units (In progress)


Municipality Projects



Brad Brosmer Apartments

8 apartments (Completed 2015)

Sisters of St. Benedict

15 senior apartments (Completed 2016)

Begle Properties

24 apartments (Completed 2020)

Begle Properties

2 duplexes (Completed 2015)

Begle Properties

2 duplexes (Completed 2017)

Kerstiens Country Ridge Estates

16 units (In progress – 2 available lots, 14 sold lots)

Forest Oaks Apartments

37 units (In progress) 50 units (Planning stages)

Kerstiens Hidden Meadows

36 units (Planning stages)

Royal Ridge Phase II

30 units (Planning stages)