Luscious new business opens on Fourth Street

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

Kristin Boehm could run out of fingers before she counts the number of businesses and entrepreneurs in her family. It’s no wonder she will be opening her own business in Huntingburg on Saturday.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said about her new business, Lush Esthetics and Boutique.

Kristin’s family owns Fischer’s Furniture in Tell City. It’s operated by her dad, Richard and was founded by her grandfather, Stanley Fischer. On her mom’s side, her grandfather Fred Smith was a doctor who eventually started CNS Inc., the company that operates Circle S gas stations and convenience stores. “Both my grandfathers opened their own businesses way back in the day,” she said. “My aunts own their own stores. It’s just been in my family.”

She started on a college track to pursue business training but early on switched to nursing. She completed a bachelor’s in nursing and until recently, was working at Memorial Hospital as a registered nurse. “I really like nursing,” she said adding that she would like to continue to work as a nurse around her business.

Lush Esthetics and Boutique is a mixture of Kristin’s interest in skincare and her love for helping people. As a certified esthetician, the 29-year-old Holland resident is a trained skin therapist who can provide specialized treatment and skin evaluations to help her clients with proper makeup application and skin care as well as provide peels, masks and scrubs.

After purchasing the building at 506 E. 4th Street (where the Ofenhaus Bakery was located), right next to Huntingburg’s City Hall, Kristin began working on renovating the building to create the therapy rooms for her clients.

“I knew I wanted my business on Fourth Street,” the Tell City native said. “I like the historic aspect and I am excited about the improvements that are coming. In my mind, this was perfect for what I wanted to do.”

Originally, she thought she would only provide the esthetic services and therapeutic massage. “My aunt actually runs a store in Tell City and it has a salon in the back with a gift shop up front,” she said. “I’ve always loved their shop, so I decided to put some things out here to sell.”

The front of the store, artfully renovated and bright, features items that reflect Kristin’s personality. She loves sunglasses; there is a rack of fun and stylish sunglasses that meet people as they step through the door. There are t-shirts and tanks with fun messages. Kristin loves essential oils – also part of the esthetician services – so she has diffusers and a line of essential oils. Also, there are wine accessories, jewelry, candles and fashionable purses as well as some nice pieces of home decor.

Along one wall is a display of Jane Iredale makeup, a brand Kristin has been using all her life. It is a mineral-based makeup that was one of the first to actually purport to benefit the skin. It is non-comedogenic — doesn’t block pores — so skin can breathe and function normally, reducing any potential for damage or skin irritations. It’s also what Kristin uses on her clients.

Through the boutique, Kristin offers peels and facials as well as makeup applications for weddings, proms and other important dates. She also has processes to reduce acne and scarring. It also removes skin variations and peach fuzz. Hydro-facials (a better process than microdermabrasion, according to Kristen), eyelash extensions, waxing and massage through a certified masseuse are also services offered.

Kristin’s interest in skin was peaked by her nurse’s training and education. “I have always been interested in the skin. It is the largest organ of the body,” she said.

Moving into esthetics was a simple one with her interest in skincare and beauty. “I enjoy getting the results for my clients. The before and after pictures are very fulfilling,” she said.

Why name it Lush? It’s short for luscious and a good friend gave Kristin the nickname Lush a long time ago.

Kristin is joined by esthetician Taylor Uppencamp and masseuse Krystal Lawalin. While spa services will open on May 16 (the treatment rooms are still under construction), the boutique opens Saturday, April 22, at 9 a.m. Regular hours are Tuesdays through Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The number to the boutique is 812-684-0018 and can be followed on Facebook. A website is in the works.

Kristin and her husband Jonathan live in Holland.