Matt-Hew’s BBQ opens in Huntingburg Opry Hall



Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

David Wayne knew he wanted a good restaurant to compliment the Huntingburg Opry Hall.

The live music and variety show featuring talent from all over the country that he hosts in the upstairs was popular but it needed some good grub.

“I tried out two pizza places,” Wayne said on Friday between mouthfuls of fresh pulled pork, cole slaw and potato salad.

Then he went to a cookout featuring some barbecue made by his sister’s boyfriend, Matthew Zajauskas. One taste and Wayne knew it would be perfect to add to the Opry Hall.

Matthew, originally from Cicero, Ill. near Chicago, has been barbecuing since he was 14. He moved to Dubois County about five years ago for a change of pace from the city.

While working at Jasper Rubber, Matthew met Kristy Lawrence, Wayne’s sister and the two began to date.

After Wayne approached them with the idea, Kristy and Matthew decided to go for it together.

While Matthew makes all the barbecue brisket and pulled-pork with his own signature rubs and sauces, Kristy provides her family’s recipes for the potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans.

It’s a new venture for both of them.

“I am excited and nervous all at once,” Matthew said about the new restaurant in Huntingburg. “This is a new frontier for me but it is something I love to do.”

Matthew, who has worked in factories, been a mechanic and a tow truck operator, said barbecuing calms him and he loves to make people happy with good food.

Matthew makes his own sauces including a sriracha-infused (think rooster sauce) sauce that melds the perfect amount of nose-clearing heat for those seeking something with more personality.

They offer dine-in or carry out options in the bottom of the former-Red Cross Building on Main Street.

Matthew and Kristy worked with Wayne, Jim Lawrence (Kristy’s dad), Tom Lawrence and Tim Wehr to gut the building’s basement and create the cozy dining experience below the Opry hall.

Oh, and the name. Kristy and Matthew were tossing around ideas for names when Kristy, who playfully drags Matthew’s name out to become Matt-hewww, suggested Matt-Hew’s. It stuck.

Matt-Hew’s BBQ opened Friday, July 29. Their hours are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays. Matt-Hew’s BBQ is located in the downstairs of theHuntingburg Opry Hall at 312 N. Main Street. Here is the Facebook Page for the new restaurant.

A grand opening is planned for this Saturday.