OFS commits to ensuring wellness-oriented workspaces

Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

As a demonstration of their passion for and history of employee well-being, OFS Brands is the first company in the State of Indiana to seek WELL certification.

In this day and age, wellness in the workplace is no longer a desire but an expectation. As Millennials move into the workplace with these expectations, creating workspaces centered around wellness helps attract the best and brightest employees. WELL is a program designed to provide wellness guidelines under seven categories that range from air quality to employee fitness.

For OFS, these guidelines not only symbolize employee wellness but also ensure transparency as the WELL records are publicly published. Other companies, employees, and families can all see where OFS falls on the spectrum for a WELL space, pushing the company to strive for even better marks.

This registration doesn’t solidify OFS Brands as a WELL Building but instead marks a commitment, a promise to their employees for wellness and improvement. This process naturally follows the history of employee-focus at OFS Brands.

In fact, OFS Brands established healthy eating programs and built a fitness center long before WELL standards required it. Likewise, the company has committed a key WELL AP resource, Paul Anderson, to the role of Vice President of Wellbeing and Development. Paul has been joined by Jarod Brames and Vanessa Englert as the company’s certified WELL accredited professionals.

The commitment to wellness is not new at OFS Brands, but on July 28, 2017, this commitment went public with OFS Brands’ partnership with WELL and pledge to actively pursue improvement.