Redneck Rosarian garden tools launched by TDI Brands


Sourced from Dubois County Free Press

TDI Brands is launching a line of gardening tools called “Redneck Rosarian by DeWit” with the help of gardener Chris VanCleave and DeWit Garden Tools.

Mr. VanCleave is known to gardeners across the U.S. as “America’s Favorite Rose Gardener” and DeWit Garden Tools has been producing hand forged gardening tools for 115 years.

Chris VanCleave, also known as The Redneck Rosarian, has a vast number of devoted followers who tune in regularly to his blog (, follow him on Facebook and Twitter (@RedneckRosarian) and listen to his Rose Chat Podcast (  VanCleave’s ever growing following has put him in the international gardening spotlight. In 2014, Sietse & Derk DeWit, fifth generation garden tool makers from Holland, traveled to the U.S. to talk to Chris about the possibility of launching a line of tools under the Redneck Rosarian brand.

“We met and discussed the possibilities. I told them about a design idea I had for a scoop shovel that would aid gardeners in moving soils in raised beds and also with transplanting roses and other shrubs,” VanCleave said about the process. “What resulted from those conversations is a scoop shovel with an inverted point. Other tools in the line include an aerator fork used to help aerate the soil as well as making an excellent tool for breaking up clay soil. A hand scoop, a trowel, hand weeder and cultivator complete the line; all are hand forged and carry a lifetime guarantee.”

Redneck Rosarian by DeWit will be sold on and distributed to select Independent Garden Centers nationwide by TDI Brands.